Monday, April 13, 2015

Adventure Boys.

Ty and Ethan.

They have been two peas in a pod since they were just tiny guys.

It's been fun watching them grow up together.

Today, these two best friends had many adventures on the farm.

I'm going to let their photos (and BIG smiles) tell the story of their day!

Be still my heart...this spontaneous hug/ tackle made me melt.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Back in the 'Olden' Times

A few weeks ago, my little man was looking at the photos on here with a wistful look on his sweet face.

"Mom?" he softly asked.

"Yes, Ty?"

"I miss the olden times. We sure had a lot of fun in old days. Why don't we have fun like this  anymore?" He looked up at me with such a cute and innocent little face it was hard to be the upset and cranky mama that was bubbling inside of me, just below the surface.

That same cranky mama who wanted to respond to his questions defensively, 'what do you mean, we don't have fun anymore?! What about that movie we just went to, or when we played legos fifteen minutes ago?!'

Thankfully, because of those adorable baby blues of his, I was able to silence my inner crabby self and simply answer, "we don't have fun like that anymore, do we?"

He was right.

Once again, one of my children was teaching me a valuable lesson.

We don't have spontaneous fun these days.

This winter has been a hectic one to say the least.

We have put many miles on our car and spent countless hours sitting on bleachers, giving new meaning to the phrase, 'gym rats'.

So, when a day like today rolls around and we have absolutely nothing on the schedule we all breathe a little easier and smile a little faster and simply and spontaneously live.

We weren't going to let a little 'wind' get in our way...and boy was it ever gusty!

It was a great big smile kind of day.

Thanks, little man, for reminding me that we need to have fun just like the 'olden' times!