Saturday, April 12, 2014

Just muddin' it.

Little miss had a friend over for the afternoon today and she was totally excited.

These two sweet girls have been plotting together all week to ensure that their mama's scheduled a highly anticipated play date for the weekend.

Luckily we were able to make it happen!

When I came outside this afternoon to check on them, I got a BIG surprise!

Turns out that it isn't the boys in our family who LOVE the wet, squishy, sloppy, brown stuff we call MUD, but a certain little not so girly girl and her bestie.

I only hope that her mom lets her come back after she sees these photos!

I'm sorry Teena!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Diary of a Farm Kid

Today was one of those glorious spring days when you just couldn't help but smile.
I don't know about you, but the grin was permanently plastered to my face because finally, there was a reprieve from the endless winter doldrums that were dragging me down!
Our crabby cat Gordon was even enjoying a nap in the warm sunshine...looks pretty peaceful doesn't he?

This evening, before the big guy left to milk the cows at the barn, he asked if I wanted to come with..
After he planted the idea in my head, there was no way that I could resist, the day was just too nice...even when I had 2 of the 3 littles complaining while I dragged them the 7 miles to the barn.
The following photos prove that this crazy mom might have had a good idea about following dad afterall...I think these farm kids are pretty lucky and were all smiles once we got there...

I know that they both missed this!

Look at that would never guess that she was one of the crazy kids who was adamently against going to the barn in the first place would you?!

A glimpse at a robotic milker in action...Madi taught me how to 'clean' up after them...I learn so much from these farm kids of mine!

She had a great time teaching me a thing or two in the parlor...she is still down at the barn with her dad as I write this...she loves being with him while he milks!

When we went outside to check on the boys, we found a pretty serious game of rock, paper, scissors going on...I'm not entirely sure what they were up to.

Madi, meanwhle, had a blast climbing to the top of the sand pile.

There is always a lot of sand at the barn because they use it for bedding for the cows...yup, these are some lucky children!

The little stinker even had to show me how she can 'slide' down...

The boys got busy building 'dams' to stop the water (which I think had a lot of manure in it!) from flowing.

And then, our biggest excitement for the night....someone got STUCK!

It took me a long time to believe her because she was laughing so hard...normally she would be in full flip out mode over something like this so I didn't think that she was truly 'stuck', I thought she was pulling her 'city' girl mama's leg!

It got pretty funny when big bro came in to rescue her and tried with all his might to lift her from the muddy clutches!

Yup, she was STUCK.

"I told you mom!"

We did end up getting the poor kid out, but I had to put my camera down for fear I would drop it in the mud and muck.

It was a FUN night at the farm and I am so glad that I made them go!

Judging from their happy faces, I think it's pretty aparent that sometimes, mom maybe does know best!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

A glimpse into the future...

Over the course of the past couple of months, our family has spent many Saturday's travelling to area towns to watch Tanner and the future Viking boys bball players play some ball.

Although I wasn't always so excited about waking up early on my one day of the week to sleep in, I have to say that it was a great season!

Their final tournament was held in Perham last weekend and it ended so well!

All of us parents (at least those of us who don't sit on the bench with the boys) really got into the first game, a scrappy match against the hometown team.

If we would have lost that game, we would have had to wait in Perham for another 4 hours until the boys' next game....

When I walked in part way through the first half, it didn't look too good.

We were down by about 10 or 12 points and the boys just didn't look like they were having too much fun, or maybe they were just a bit tired and out of sync.

I was a little bummed, this was a team that we had beat a few weeks ago and I thought the boys might be in the game a little more than they were.

As another mom and I lamented over the fact that we would probably have to wait another 4 hours, one of our guys made a shot and a foul was called.

Suddenly we gained some momentum and started forcing turn-overs and making shots.

Within a few minutes we were back in the game.

As one of the parents on the sidelines, I have to admit that we may have gotten a bit more into this game then we normally do.

There were a few more cheers and squeals and clapping than normal coming from our side and although I am pretty adament that this was due to the fact that we parents thought we might have a chance at not waiting so LONG for the next game, I can't deny that I was pretty excited to be coming back into the game against one of our rivals.

Well, to make a long story short our little team of 2nd and 3rd graders won in over time against the home town team and we were all so excited!

The day ended with our little guys clinching a 3rd place finish in the tournament!

It was quite a way to end the season, I am so proud of these kids!