Saturday, July 30, 2016

A Week at the Lake

What a summer we've had! 

Last weekend we came home from the fair and turned right around and had the chance to relax and cool off in the lake at a beautiful cabin on Lake Crystal this past week.

We had a great time spent with grandma, auntie and uncle, and cousins in the warm Minnesota summer sunshine. 

Here are a few of our many, many highlights! 

WOTC Fair 2016

Well, another fair is done and in the books.

When we look back on 2016, I think that we'll remember the sultry, stifling summer days when all we could do was find some shade for sweet relief.

We'll remember 

calves name Tilly,


and Lil' Tex

who helped the kids earn some more ribbons for all of their hard work to adorn their walls.

We'll remember

time spent with friends both old and new.

A little sister who got a Grand Champion in her video project and a big brother who got a Reserve Champion in the same category (they are their biggest competitors after all!),

We couldn't forget an adorable little goat named Millie who is more like a dog than a goat

who helped her proud owner earn a Grand Champion in showmanship.

We'll think back to Tanner's first blue ribbon auction where he proudly showed his fall calf, Lil'

and stood in wide eyed bewilderment as there was a bidding war between some serious buyers over his calf...

all because he worked hard to get his animal show ready and to bring some positive vibes to the dairy industry.

There are many times that these kids of ours make me proud, but I have to say that some of the proudest mom moments I have of them is when they take charge and care for their animals at the county fair.

This year I really noticed how much pride they took in caring for and loving these animals entrusted to them. 

Shyness was forgotten as they proudly answered questions and talked to anyone who showed interest in their animals. 

I am so thankful they have farming and 4H in their lives!