Saturday, July 30, 2011

Day 194

When did she get so big on me?!

Seriously time goes WAY too fast!

While I was away at a session last night, Travis showed Madi how to lead her bull calf around.

This morning when she woke up (at 6:30 am) she wanted to go out right away and show me what she learned.

We had to wait until the rain went away though, which just about killed her (she has very little patience!).

But it eventually let up enough for her to go out and bring the calf to our front yard to show me.

She is extremely excited to be in 4H next year and show her calf at the fair.

Why can't time stand still for just a little bit longer?

Day 193

I didn't blog yesterday.

I was still trying to wrap my head around what I wanted to say about the day.

Being a parent is a TOUGH job.

Yesterday was one of those days for me.

I am torn.

For the past few years, I have put the kids in swimming lessons at our local pool and it has gone pretty well.

My basic goal is just for them to learn how to swim and feel comfortable in the water.

If any of them want to take it further, then I am all for it, but for now that is all we are aiming for.

This year, Tanner was put into a level that I don't feel like he was ready for.

Which is something that I did, because as his parent, I signed him up for it.

He had passed the previous level last summer so I thought, why not?

I wish now that I had gone with my initial gut feeling and kept in that level from last year, but I didn't.

The other kids in his group are much more comfortable in the water and are swimming like little fish, while he lags behind.

He tries really hard, and I have been so proud of him for that!

But he is very scared to go into the deep end, where he can't touch.

The day before this photo was taken the teacher wanted them to tread water for 30 seconds in the deep water.

He lasted 15, which I thought was awesome, considering he hadn't treaded water since the year before in swimming lessons.

After he got out of the pool that day, he seemed a little freaked out.

When we got to the pool yesterday, he wouldn't go in the water for a long time because he was scared.

I brought my camera with to document fun times at swimming, not the kind of moment I captured.
Looking at this now, I feel so bad that I stood off to the sides encouraging him to go in, telling him that he could do it.

And all the while all he could do was cry.

I am torn, part of me knows that I should push him and encourage him to try harder and do things outside of his comfort zone, and the other part of me is saying, don't push, you will only scare him and any confidence he had in the water.

I still don't know what the answer is.

Any parents out there faced with similar situations? What have you done?

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Day 192

Ok, so I have talked about pinterest a TON on here lately but I really LOVE it!

It has really gotten my creative juices flowing!

So much so that I decided to take this old chair ....
DSC_2795 1

and re-imagine it (and the old ottoman next to it) into this....

They aren't perfect by any means and when I look at them, I see all the mistakes and flaws they have...

But seriously, I couldn't be happier with how they turned out. I have such a sense of empowerment...and an 'I CAN DO IT' attitude now!

I can't wait to start a new project!

Oh, and by the way this total project cost me about $20...the fabric was $13 at, spray paint was $6, and the ottoman was $1 (from a garage sale)..I already had the chair sitting in my basement.

So, until next time, happy 'pinning' everyone!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day 191

My natural light studio is coming along!

I still have a LONG way to go to get it where I want it to be but this is a definite improvement from the sheets I would hang in the living room just two and a half years ago!

I am going to order some big standout prints for the blue wall and get some white cubby shelves to be better organized.

I'm also hoping to purchase a small white couch for clients to sit on as well as use for sessions

I am so excited about this space!


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 187

Madi and Ty had some friends over to play this afternoon.

Have I mentioned that I LOVE when they have friends over?!

It is such a break for me because they all play together so well.

We took a little walk down to the boys cornfield (Tanner and Tyson have their very own field this year, which is only about 2 acres...but they are pretty proud of it!).

The girls of course were the only ones that would stand still for me to take their photo..but isn't the corn high right now?

Day 186

I photographed a big family group out at Star Lake last weekend and had a great time.

It is always a good sign when you get to a session and the people have some great locations scoped out all ready for you!

They found this cool old car in their neighbors yard and it seemed like the perfect backdrop for a shot of all the grandkids!

Day 185

We took the kids to the West Ottertail County fair last week and everyone had a great time!

Madi finally got to have a 'horsie' ride.

Could her smile be any bigger?!
Tyson even enjoyed the rides and made some new friends, which was such a relief since every other time we have tried to get him to ride he would cry.
Tanner insisted that I ride a big ride with him and was able to get some money for my ticket from his dad.....and so I said 'why not?' I used to LOVE rides!
I am a little bit more of a chicken than I was as a kid....I screamed like a little school girl (and it wasn't even that big of a ride!)
I refused when he wanted to ride the scrambler however because I get queasy when I get spun around and around.
I love small county fairs. We didn't have to wait in extremely long lines (most the time we didn't have to face lines at all). Madi and Ty were even able to ride some rides all by themselves..which is a GOOD thing when you are 2 and 5!
Hope you're all having a 'moo-velous' summer!

Day 184

It was a great week! I got to see a lot of my adorable, squeezable little nephew and I couldn't help taking a few shots for an impromptu photo session in only his diaper.

So far, he doesn't seem to mind the camera quite like my kids do!

I hope this lasts a long time b/c I plan on taking a lot of shots of him!

Day 183

Yup, I am that mom. The mom who brings her kids to McDonald's for an afternoon treat of ice cream and busts out the camera!

I am truly trying to document our year and this was one of those real, everyday moments that I just couldn't pass up!


Day 182

This is not a typical post, the other night Ty and I were hanging out on the porch when the little stinker found a can of Dr. Pepper that wasn't quite finished off.

I am slightly mortified that I have a 2 year old who is addicted to Dr. Pepper like his dad!

Day 181

Relaxing at my moms house with Madi and my sisters little guy, who is not so little anymore! He is growing so fast!

Day 180

Last Tuesday evening was a weird night, weather wise. I captured some great photos in the eerie evening light but the one I am posting is of our home. Our landscaping is no where near complete but I still want to document it so that someday we can look back at how far we have come!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Day 179

Tyson was so exhausted when we got home, he went right to bed.

This is how the little guy sweet.

Day 178

My kids adore their grandparents.

I do too.

I completely believe that it takes a village to raise a child and 'our village' is full of some amazing people who are helping us bring these three up!

I can't thank them enough!

This is Travis' dad, or grandpa T. to our kids. He is such a great grandpa!


Day 177

Little Miss 'C' is such a beautiful little girl!

Have I mentioned that I {LOVE} what I do!?


Day 176

Moments like these, when my kids are busy being themselves and have dirty little faces and are so happy, gives me such JOY.


And seriously, don't you wish you had those lashes? I know that I do!

Day 175

I took photos of this brother and sister (along with their parents) tonight, and I can't help but post this series of photos on here.

I {LOVE} how they tell a story!
It was all fun and games when little Bella was writing with chalk all over her brother, but when he tried the same thing on her, she didn't like it so much!

Day 174

My girl has a strut to her walk.

And although her super strong personality is trying at times,

I love her confidence!


Day 173

When we were at my moms this evening, we ventured to the park to play a little before we went home.

Tanner found a basketball sitting on the side of the court and after some coaxing from us to play (he is a great rule follower, he didn't want to use someone else's ball), he made some great shots.

I had fun taking the photos b/c the setting of the court is gorgeous, especially when the evening light is filtering in through the trees!


Day 172

There are some serious perks to being married to a dairy farmer.

This has to be one of my favorite perks to date!


A HUGE block of super fresh cheddar cheese delivered to our door as a gift for doing business with a great feed mill (as a side note, I am not really sure of this feed mills greatness, but anyone can achieve this status with me if they want to give me a gift of CHEESE!)

Oh wow, it is sooo YUM (and squeaks when you eat it b/c it is so fresh!)

Day 171

I am playing catch-up on the blog,which is not a good feeling!

I am struggling to keep up because this summer is flying right by me! Before I know it, Tanner and Madi will no longer be squabbling every day, the warm summer sunshine will be a memory to be dreamed about until next year, and these amazing photo op's will be fading fast.

So until then, I am still shooting TONS of photos, and I promise to try harder to keep up.

This came in the mail yesterday, a new 10x20 metal print of my sweeties.

The boys aren't quite 3 and 7 but they are close enough.

I have to say it looks pretty darn good in our bedroom!