My Family

Having someone who understands you is home.
Having someone who loves you is belonging.
Having both is a blessing. husband and co-pilot in this crazy life of mine! He will appear on the blog somewhat, I would like to say that he would be on here more but he doesn't really care for me and my camera! Travis farms with his dad and brother and earlier this year was involoved in a terrible farm accident (2013). I missed a lot of blogging for the first 1/2 of this year because of this. Right now, he is doing a lot better and is expected to make a full recovery within a year.  He is an amazing father to our three kids and is teaching them so much about life, I love how he can always get all of us to smile even when we are grumpy! oldest son who is nine and a half. He is a sport loving, game playing, smart 'big' guy. He is currently rockin' in 3rd grade {gasp! I can't believe I am writing that?! Where has the time gone?!}and like his dad, doesn't really care for my camera. I am going to attempt to get more photos of him put on the blog though, he is growing up way too fast!

Madisyn..aka 'Madi'. She is our spunky, artsy, happy 7 and a half year old who knows just what she wants out of life and isn't afraid to go after it and get it! She is seven going on seventeen and gives us a new outlook on life almost daily. She loves anything and everything to do with art and will probably appear on the blog most often because she loves having her photo taken!

Tyson..our five and a half year old and baby of our family. He fits his role to a 'T'. He keeps us on our toes by discovering new ways to get into mischief that the other kids never tried. He is a little guy who isn't afraid to say 'bless me' after he has sneezed or sing 'happy birthday' to his dad when he is in the bathroom. He should be on the blog often as well since he is my little muse, and the reason I have gotten to master so many photography skills. I started really taking photos after he was born and even though he is the youngest, he probably has the most photos taken of him!

So, there you have it. These are the four most important people in the world to me and the reason why I wake up in the morning. They might drive me a little nuts at times but I love each and everyone of them!