Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Day 71 + a few new gray hairs. 2012.

I have debated on whether or not I would share these photos with you, or at least some of you who may go by the name 'grandma' to my kids.

 I don't want you to be alarmed.

I promise we are very careful, loving parents who would never let anything bad happen to your precious grandchildren....namely a little one who is going to give his mama and dad a run for their money over the next 18+ years!

After picking Ty up from daycare last week, he seemed unusually excited about a 'feeler' (his way of saying 4-wheeler) that was in Jamie's garage (his daycare provider).

Well, the little stinker worked his magic and over the next couple of hours had his dad and I convinced that she was actually looking to sell the kid sized, gas powered, 4 wheeler.

Turns out, the four year old was right...and we ended up buying it.

I still don't know how I feel about all of this, but I do know that there is a trip to Fargo very SOON in our future to go helmet shopping!

I am going to let the photos do (most) of the talking....{sigh}, I am beyond worried about the future with my littlest one....

I'll start you off with our two oldest, much more cautious children.... DSC_1137

No funny business from them, just some learning, smiles, and nice, slow driving. DSC_1123

I should have known that this wouldn't be the case with this kid... DSC_1152

For this next series, I am going to let the photos do all of the talking...they were literally snapped over the course of 2 seconds.

This is what happens when you let your lil' daredevil four year old ride his 'feeler'. DSC_1158 DSC_1159DSC_1160DSC_1161DSC_1162DSC_1163DSC_1164DSC_1165


And this is what happens when dad finally gets ahold of you and gives you a HUGE talking to (ahem...lecture!) about driving TOO FAST! DSC_1174

Needless to say, the rest of the night it was all rides with daddy. DSC_1176

Travis has since turned the speed all the way down (so it doesn't kick up dust no matter how hard you hold the throttle down).

It is a lot safer but I don't think I will rest easy again until we have some head protection at the very least...or maybe just a padded room where my little man could live until he is passed the 'daredevil' phase...we shouldn't need it for more than 15 years!?!

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