Saturday, May 9, 2015

Feels Like Home

Sometimes a girl just has to write. be given the opportunity to say exactly what is on her mind.

I am so grateful to have this blog as a platform to be able to do just that.

This girl has had a tricky (albeit 'tough', but I don't want to call them tough) couple of weeks.

I have been pulled up and down, dragged this way, and pushed that way.

Until, quite honestly, there isn't much left.

It seems that when my life starts to get tough, my heart yearns for something that I simply cannot have.

It screams for one more smile, one more long glance, one more goofy ass, smirky grin.

All things that are impossible.

Something that was impossible until I pull that old dusty box down from that secret spot up on the highest shelf of my closet...

when I am able to capture a glimpse at what my heart is longing for,

one of those smirky, smart ass grins.

It seems that when my life gets a little tough, I need memories like this.

I long for silly ass, stupid little moments with this crazy guy who made me roll my eyes and bust a gut all with one unique, signature grin.

I am so grateful that I had this man in my life for 26 1/2 years.

Years that, in my opinion, were too damn short.

Filled with so many moments where he made me laugh and appreciate the silly things in life....

Because, after all, what the hell else is there other than smiling, sucking it up, and enjoying everything that this life has to offer?!

Thank you, dad, for teaching me this.

I am pretty sure that this heart of mine will grieve for you as long as it beats, but it will also smile for you

because you taught me that.

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