Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 12

This isn't a normal blog post for this project, because technically you are only supposed to do a photo a day..and there are a lot more photos in this post! I couldn't help myself and I am sure once you check the following images out, you will agree with me!
Today when my oldest was at school and the little guy was napping Madi wanted to do something special with just us girls. We have been wanting to make cupcakes for about a week and today was the first day that it worked out. She successfully cracked an egg without getting the shell in the bowl...such an accomplishment for her! I let her have a lot of free reign and she even measured the water and oil and helped with the mixer even though she hates the noise! I love when I am able to have quality one on one time with my kids. It was a great afternoon!

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