Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Day 58. 2012.

Our community offers an array of fun activities for the kids to participate in and I am so glad that they do!

Today, Tanner had baseball...or Rookie League as he is constantly correcting me, and while I was taking this photo got a triple.

He was more than excited!

DSC_0323DSC_0325DSC_0329DSC_0333 It's so fun to watch kids this age play, they usually congregate together in the middle of the field hoping to field the ball. DSC_0337 Taking a time out to talk about the game. DSC_0341 Tanner and Timmy, these two are serious about this sport and play catch together a lot! DSC_0357 And there was no way that I could resist stopping when I saw these cuties advertising for a car wash on this HOT day! DSC_0379 DSC_0383DSC_0377 The kids were also very good at staying clear of my poor window that is still missing (since I shattered it when a rock flew through it last week after mowing). I was a little nervous I would be riding home in a puddle of suds and water! DSC_0362DSC_0372

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