Saturday, February 2, 2013

Day 3. 2013.

When I came into the kitchen to make Travis some muffins before going to work yesterday morning, Tyson very sweetly asked if he could pretty puh-leez 'lick the spoon'?

When I bake (which admittedly I don't do much of anymore), I don't always let the kids eat the batter, but I figured it wouldn't hurt since there were no raw eggs involved this time.

I told him to make sure not to tell his big brother and sister because they would be upset and then I walked away.

Travis called me out into the kitchen a few minutes later, and said I had to see this....


There he sat, hiding out on the floor of the kitchen with more than just the 'spoon' he had asked me for! DSC_0671

Little stinker! DSC_0672 This little guy along with his brother and sister, give us reason to smile every single day and I am so very grateful for them and moments like these!

These three are helping to see us through this extremely trying time and are the reason we are going to make it through all of this.

Thank God for them!

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