Sunday, April 6, 2014

Diary of a Farm Kid

Today was one of those glorious spring days when you just couldn't help but smile.
I don't know about you, but the grin was permanently plastered to my face because finally, there was a reprieve from the endless winter doldrums that were dragging me down!
Our crabby cat Gordon was even enjoying a nap in the warm sunshine...looks pretty peaceful doesn't he?

This evening, before the big guy left to milk the cows at the barn, he asked if I wanted to come with..
After he planted the idea in my head, there was no way that I could resist, the day was just too nice...even when I had 2 of the 3 littles complaining while I dragged them the 7 miles to the barn.
The following photos prove that this crazy mom might have had a good idea about following dad afterall...I think these farm kids are pretty lucky and were all smiles once we got there...

I know that they both missed this!

Look at that would never guess that she was one of the crazy kids who was adamently against going to the barn in the first place would you?!

A glimpse at a robotic milker in action...Madi taught me how to 'clean' up after them...I learn so much from these farm kids of mine!

She had a great time teaching me a thing or two in the parlor...she is still down at the barn with her dad as I write this...she loves being with him while he milks!

When we went outside to check on the boys, we found a pretty serious game of rock, paper, scissors going on...I'm not entirely sure what they were up to.

Madi, meanwhle, had a blast climbing to the top of the sand pile.

There is always a lot of sand at the barn because they use it for bedding for the cows...yup, these are some lucky children!

The little stinker even had to show me how she can 'slide' down...

The boys got busy building 'dams' to stop the water (which I think had a lot of manure in it!) from flowing.

And then, our biggest excitement for the night....someone got STUCK!

It took me a long time to believe her because she was laughing so hard...normally she would be in full flip out mode over something like this so I didn't think that she was truly 'stuck', I thought she was pulling her 'city' girl mama's leg!

It got pretty funny when big bro came in to rescue her and tried with all his might to lift her from the muddy clutches!

Yup, she was STUCK.

"I told you mom!"

We did end up getting the poor kid out, but I had to put my camera down for fear I would drop it in the mud and muck.

It was a FUN night at the farm and I am so glad that I made them go!

Judging from their happy faces, I think it's pretty aparent that sometimes, mom maybe does know best!

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