Sunday, December 28, 2014

Life. Is. Better. When. You're. Laughing.

The past few days I have spent (wasted) some time on Facebook admiring my friends photos and posts on their Christmas celebrations.

I have debated posting my own photos.

This Christmas was a good one, one that I want to remember for many reasons...

My favorite of which will be witnessing gratitude from my kids.

This year, my kids were grateful, they seemed to genuinely appreciate each one of their gifts and remembered to thank those who gave to them (with little or no prompting from me).

Raising them in this crazy 'me, me, me' society has made it hard to teach this important life skill.

It is one that we are still working on, and probably will be until they are grown but for this small moment I smiled when I heard those two simple words come from their mouths, 'Thank you.'

Aside from this pretty awesome sight, I am also going to remember laughter.

This Christmas, we laughed, a lot.

There is something pretty amazing about this simple thing.

I am still smiling at this memory.

For that reason, I am only going to post a few photos from our Christmas...

They are all the photos that make me smile and remember our laughter.

Enjoy our Hoilday 2014 Out-takes.

This photo isn't actually an outtake, but it sure makes me smile.

The little guy thought he was being so smart when he hid under the goodie table at great grandma's house.

I couldn't help but capture his little hand 'sneaking' up and grabbing some m and m's.

So Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from our crazy family to yours! 

I hope you laughed a lot too! 

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