Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Dreamin' Big with Lego

Imagine this...

A late night trip to the bathroom.

You, rising clumsily from your slumber to stumble around in the inky black darkness that is your bedroom, as your feet gingerly feel their way through a mine field of






Better known as the ever popular toy, Legos.

Just when you think you've made it, and are about to flip that light switch on and smirk at your stealthy ability to manuever around those frickin' little bricks,  you suddenly squeal, 

'#@*%, that HURTS!' 

And then proceed to wake up everyone else in the house with your ranting and raving because of 'ALL the DAMN L.E.G.O.S! that are ALL OVER the HOUSE!!!'

Ok, well maybe this hasn't happened to you...well then let me just say, lucky you!

I'm pretty sure that mom's and dad's of little boys and girls who obsess over these (pretty amazing, albeit scary for feet) building toys can quite possibly relate in one way or another to this.

And if not, kudos to you for having a child who picks up his creations!

We, on the other hand, have a creative little man who likes to build from his 'magination' and then play with said creations and proceed to leave them in scattered piles throughout the house.

Notice, the current state of our family room floor (although this room in itself is in a sorry state, I am way too embarrassed to share other lego filled floors in our home) ....

So, after mommy got upset one too many times, a dream was born.

Why not build him a lego table (to play on and store all of his creations on)?

I don't know if it was his dad's idea or one he came up with all on his own, but upon hearing about it, I was all in!!

I am all for anything that gets these mounds of plastic off the floor and somewhere a little more organized.

This is what we came up with....

 Pretty lucky little guy, huh?

His dad has to finish building the actual table now (so this massive board can get off of our kitchen table and into his room).

Ty and I did our part in designing and painting the 'scene' (with a lot of help from our lil
 resident artist, Madi).

He's pretty proud of it...and although you can't see it, I am smiling pretty wide behind the lens too!

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