Sunday, May 14, 2017


Well, I did it.

I went for it.

Someday I know I will look back at this time in my life and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I did the right thing.

I will know that those instincts, that little voice in the back of my mind begging me to try, was absolutely right.

That day, however, isn't today.

I can't say that I am completely there, yet.

I made a major life decision this past week and am feeling all sorts of emotions.






Have I mentioned excitement

This past week, I chose to follow a dream that I've had for a very long time.

This dream of mine wasn't chased without complications.

I have constantly worried that I wasn't doing what was right for me, for my family. 

Honestly, sleep has been non- existent. 

But, during those quiet moments when I am alone, I know.

I know that this is right.

Someday I am going to smile and say, yes, I did it.

I took the hard road,

and did the right thing.

It wasn't the easy way out, there were a lot of tears, and tough moments, but in the end, it was completely right.

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