Saturday, June 10, 2017

A Basketball Family

Five years ago I was a mama to a 7, 6 , and 3 year old and I remember feeling stressed, but happy.

My three littles were becoming more and more self sufficient everyday.

Tyson had recently learned to use the potty all by himself,

Madi was leading and feeding her calf all alone,

And Tanner was playing baseball in the backyard with minimal interference from me, dreaming of the days when he could play on a traveling team.

At the time, I thought life was busy.

Wow, I really couldn’t have been more wrong.


A year full of photos of everyday moments in the backyard, or around the house.

Fast forward 1,825 days and it is now 2017 and this family of mine is in full blown crazy town.

Most days I wouldn't trade it for anything.

I love that I am getting the opportunity to watch and cheer my children on.

We reached a new milestone yesterday of consecutive hours spent in the gym..

14, yes, I said FOURTEEN!


There were 15 games in total

and I think I finally understand what the term 'bleacher butt' means.

But it was all worth it to watch these three play.

There are so many valuable lessons that they are learning on the court every time they tie those shoes and pull those jersey's up and over their heads.  

Here is a small glimpse into our day...

Shada 2017

Tyson played in his first competitive tourney and loved it.

I think I can finally say that he wants to be a basketball player (I couldn't say this before because he was very adamant that he would never play!) 

Playing with his Pelican friends against his future team...

this was probably my favorite game to watch!

This girl of mine impressed me so much!

She played with a fierceness and intensity that I haven't seen in her before and gave new meaning to the term 'posting' up.

She may have left a few of her defenders more than a little upset (I secretly loved seeing this side of her emerge!)

Keep it up kid!

I especially loved that her new teammates and her old teammates are now friends and are making memories together.

They were so excited to get trucks and cars to beep at them as they passed by.

This was hour 12 I think, so honestly anything out of the ordinary was going to entertain!

And finally, the Trash Cans...

really, what more can be said?!

They played pretty awesome and ended up making it to the championship game.

I had to take the following series of photos.

Not too long ago, I was concerned that our oldest wasn't outgoing enough, I apparently didn't need to worry...

He was surrounded by other ballers congratulating him, giving him grief, and just being kids..

scenes like this after a big 'W' make my heart happy.

Yup, probably my favorite moment of the whole tournament and I almost didn't capture it.

This is his team and coach for his summer basketball team ..they had made it to the championship game too and were going to play each other.

Pretty fun coincidence!

Tanner and Owen are tough competitors and have matched up many times over their elementary school years.

It's been fun watching them play against one another and also together this summer on their AAU team.

These connections he is making on the court are priceless.

A year ago, I wouldn't have thought that this shy kid of mine would come out of his shell..

boy, was I wrong!

I'm excited to watch these two through the years!

These 4 have continuously amazed me over the past few years.

Their teamwork and dedication to the game and each other is truly inspiring ...

I'm so thankful to have gotten to watch them grow as players these past 4 years.

Great job on your 2nd place finish guys!

I am so very proud of you!

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