Monday, June 26, 2017

Changing Perspective

Witnessing my children growing up on a farm has been one of my greatest joys these past twelve years.

Long ago, before I met their father, I proclaimed that, 

"I was NEVER, EVER going to marry a farmer!"

After all, to my immature mind, farmers were too 'backwoods' for me.

Fast forward nearly 15 years and I couldn't disagree with my previous sentiments more!

Living on a farm certainly has its share of hardship but I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Seeing the love and adoration my daughter has for  all of her animals has taught me to have more compassion and respect for the furry creatures I was indifferent to in the past. 

Seeing my somewhat mouthy preteen gently pet his calf and talk quietly to it makes my heart smile.

Hearing the love and laughter of the kids working alongside their farmer dad is a sound that (in my opinion) can't be matched.

I hope that someday these kids of ours feel the same.

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