Sunday, March 11, 2012

Day 32. 2012.

These past few weeks have been flying by in a blur of school, work, basketball games, birthday parties, cleaning house, ect.

March madness is in full swing at the Tollerud house!

To catch you up, here is a glimpse at what we have been up to...

I had to try that ridiculous facebook trend of balancing a broom for myself...

DSC_5178 DSC_5175 the boys had a TON of fun running through the two brooms...and I was happy to give them a rest after all the cleaning that I had been doing! The students at Viking Elementary celebrated their 100th day of school.... DSC_5055 DSC_5060 This photo makes me smile so big...I only wish she would have been smiling BIGGER so you could see the missing tooth! DSC_5074 Tyson decided one morning that he wasn't going to be left behind when the big kids got on the school bus. He tried so hard to convince me (and his brother and sister) that he was a BIG kid now! DSC_5035 We are BIG basketball fans at our house and LOVE our hometown team, the PRHS Vikings! Madi helped me create this poster one afternoon before a recent game (and yes, they WON!) Must've been this killer poster huh?! DSC_0930 The boys were so excited about the big tournament game the other night that they got all decked out in orange and black...including their hair! Can you say carrot top?! DSC_0125 We are raising quite the little artist in Madi... DSC_0927 Losing a tooth can be a BIG deal when you are five. DSC_5036 Luckily, Madi's Auntie Angela isn't quite as squeamish as her mom and dad are when it comes to helping wiggle a very loose tooth! DSC_5038 And after a LONG weekend pulling and tugging, SUCCESS! She got it out all by herself! DSC_0114 Check out that smile! DSC_0111 Although it's been very busy around here, we have had a fantastic couple of weeks! Hope you have too!

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