Thursday, June 6, 2013

A tremendous amount of {gratitude}

We have had some very special visitors at our place the past few days and I couldn't let this opportunity to blog about them pass me by.

Before January 7th of this year, Travis and I knew very little about the amazing operation and people who would come to help us finish spring planting.

Life threw us a horrific curveball that bitterly cold winter morning when Travis was involved in a terrible farm accident.

Before I became his wife, I knew that I would forever have that worry in the back of my mind....a worry and burden that every farm wife carries....

'What if something goes wrong?'

And then, for us, that horrible something happened and those feelings that before had only been minor worries, became all too real.

The rate of farming accidents is very high, in fact, I have heard that it is one of the most dangerous professions there is.

Honestly, for me, the statistics are extremely overwhelming and I would go crazy if I spent every day thinking about just how many dangerous jobs my husband (and every other farmer) gets himself into to take care of our family.

Luckily, for us, our family was extremely fortunate and although Travis' accident was very serious, he is recovering quickly and should make a full recovery within a year.

He isn't completely back to normal yet and can't work or move as much as he would like.

So today, we are counting our blessings and thanking God that there are such GOOD people in this world to help at a time when we really need it....

Farm Rescue is here...

This wonderful group of people called us shortly after the accident and asked if we would be interested in applying for help with spring planting.

We questioned whether we were the right applicants (we thought there had to be others out there who needed help much worse then we did, and also Travis was really hoping to be back to normal by spring and work as much and as hard as he always had in the past.).

After Travis watched some videos of other farmers who had received help, and he listened to their stories, he decided it was worth it to apply and see what happened.

Thankfully, we were accepted and these wonderful people are now here.

All of us are anxiously awaiting some drier weather and when we finally get some, they are going to help finish planting the soybeans.

Although I don't help on the farm, I am extremely grateful for the help of these awesome people.

Farm Rescue is helping to ease Travis' burden as well his families, who have been working around the clock since the accident to keep the farm going in his absence.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you are doing for our family!

We hope to pay it forward someday and help others the way you are so graciously helping us!

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