Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Finding {Joy} in the Small Things

I began this blog a couple of years ago not realizing that it would help guide and shape my life and the way I live my everyday the way that it has.

I simply wanted a place to showcase a few of my favorite photos from the hundreds I seemed to be taking every single day.

Instead, this project has become so much more, it's a place for me to share celebrations, trials, fears, dreams, reality, or simply put...

My Everyday.

My family and I are living a great life and I want to remember, savor, and cherish every last bit of it...

This blog is helping me do just that.

I know that we (the five of us) are some of the most faithful blog readers I have.

We want to look back and relive momets that were special to us and we often look back at the photos and read the stories and do just that.

It's helping me find joy in small moments like these...

We even ended our awesome day with 'Rise of the Guardians' and a rip roaring great game of Fibber!
We are pretty lucky to have this time together!

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