Monday, May 30, 2016

To host or not to host…that is the question!?

After days like today I realize that I probably need to change my negative nelly tune on hosting.

For those of you who don't know me, hosting events and gatherings isn't really my favorite thing.

And that may be putting it a bit too mildly.

I liken hosting with getting a tooth pulled, or dragging your screaming children through the quiet section in the library.

I wish that I felt differently.

Watching my sister organize an event and pull it off with ease and grace all the while with a smile on her face has always left me shaking my head…

I mean, seriously, how can cooking, and cleaning (oh the cleaning!), stressing about the smell in the bathroom be synonymous with the word FUN?! 

But after experiencing an afternoon like I did today I can honestly say that I am starting to come around. 

Yes, the cleaning wasn't fun, and no, I didn't enjoy figuring out why I couldn't get the toilet to stop smelling faintly of urine no matter how many bleach wipes I used (I think this is part of having boys?!) 

I did, however, really enjoy seeing everyone who was there.

All in all, I'd say today was a success.

Thanks to everyone who could make it! 

I promise the next time I decide to 'host' I'll make sure it happens with much more notice!

Until that day comes, though, these fun shots will have to suffice.


Kitties and toddlers have always been a favorite of mine!

Water fight!

Ty and his 'bionic' arm…he was triple bagged and toweled up and no water touched the cast!!

Judging by that smile, I'd say the day was a HUGE

Success for him!

Someone didn't like getting all wet!

Water baseball!

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