Thursday, August 3, 2017

The Tolleruds Take On South Dakota: Part 1

One of my favorite songs is entitled, 'I Lived' by One Republic. 

The following lyrics especially, have always stood out to me...

'I hope when the moment comes, 

you'll say...

I did it all. 

I owned every second that this world could give

I saw so many places,

and things that I did.

Yeah, with every broken bone

I swear I lived.'

This past week, my family and I made these lyrics and this song a reality.

We may have only traveled across one state, 

but we lived.

I am so very thankful that we spent these moments together, exploring new (and some very familiar to me) places and experiencing new things.

It truly was one  of my favorite times with my four favorite people.

The Badlands was our first stop...

You may not be able to tell but I was freaking out a bit in this shot..

behind us, by about 8 inches, was a major cliff

and the nice tourist (from MN!) taking our photo,


I thought for sure he was going over the other side (about a 20 foot drop) as he backed up to take this shot..

and is it bad that while I was worried about him, I may also have been thinking about my camera in his hands?! 

I had to keep reminding myself to just ...BREATHE.

Heights just aren't my thing.

These kids of mine were daredevils and climbed up and down steep embankments all the while yelling,

'Mom, dad, look at me!'

(Tanner was a little more cautious like his mama...heights aren't really his thing either!)

Our beautiful cabin on Terry Peak.

I'm so glad that we chose to stay here vs. a hotel somewhere!

We only ate out a couple of times and chose to cook most of our meals in the kitchen.

The first morning we were there, we hiked to Roughlock Falls in Spearfish Canyon.

It was a fairly easy 1 mile hike to the falls.

Another wonderful family from MN (I think they caught on that we were from their state..can't imagine why?!!) offered to take our family photo at the falls.

I am in love with this shot,

so damn thankful that we decided to spend some money on experiences instead of things!

We took the road less travelled and slid down a pretty steep embankment and climbed across a creek to see Bridal Veil Falls up close and personal..

It was truly breathtaking...

After Spearfish Canyon, we made the trek to the town of Spearfish and went to their amazing outdoor aquatic Rec center to cool off.

The big guy was struggling a bit on this part of the pool!

At just shy of 6 feet tall, he may be a bit too big to enjoy this!


When we came home that night, we made supper at the cabin and put the kids to work doing dishes.

They weren't thrilled..

but, a little work never hurts!

 They all loved the loft!

Madi and Tyson were the only two to sleep up there though...

Tanner enjoyed the basement coolness instead.

Madi and Tyson put on their pants and long sleeves to venture into the Black Hills wilderness around our cabin...

A view from the outside of our cabin.

I enjoyed my morning coffee out here on the deck each morning.

The kids enjoyed the extra space to play and run around.

More to come,

this was just the beginning of an awesome week!

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