Thursday, August 3, 2017

The Tolleruds Take On South Dakota: Part 3

We saw Mount Rushmore on Day 3...

and just like their mama before them...

this wasn't my childrens favorite attraction.

It was more along the lines of..

we came.

we saw.

we left.

I remember not enjoying the trip to this ever famous landmark as a child.

At the time, it seemed to me that we had to bring ALL of our guests to this amazing, but kind of boring destination over the years.

I can't exactly fault our children for not enjoying it very much.

We walked the presidential trail and got a few very amazing views but when we finished we were more than ready to move on.

After witnessing the beauty/ chaos that is Mount Rushmore the week before the Bike Rally, we made our way back to my hometown of Black Hawk, SD.

I have always wanted to show the kids the house that I grew up in...

I was beyond excited to show it to them now ..

it seemed so much smaller today, than it did back in 1992...

back when my bedroom was the one on the far right side..

when the house was newly sided and painted a grey color with blue shutters.

After witnessing the house, I was kind of giddy to show them the school that I called home for 5 years.

Black Hawk Elementary School.

Home of the Cougars.

 I guess it's true what they say...

you can go home,

but you can never, truly..

go back.

This may have been somewhere near and dear to my heart 20+ years ago but times have changed...

I'm so glad that I got to share it with my people.

Madi and I took quite a few small little hikes while we were on vacation..

We took the road less travelled and created some wild flower crowns along one of our excursions.

After seeing Mount Rushmore, we travelled to Keystone and decided to take the Alpine Slide down the mountain.

It was by far one of the highlights of my week!

Madi and her new 'boyfriend'...

The boys waiting for us girls to finish shopping!

At the end of the day I got the chance to meet up with one of my dearest friends, Crystal.

We had supper together with our families in Rapid City.

I hadn't seen her in 9 years!

Way too long when you think that we used to be together all the time growing up!

"Take my picture mom! I am a soldier!"

Tyson was pretty excited to have purchased a rubber band gun in Keystone with his money.

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