Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 185

We took the kids to the West Ottertail County fair last week and everyone had a great time!

Madi finally got to have a 'horsie' ride.

Could her smile be any bigger?!
Tyson even enjoyed the rides and made some new friends, which was such a relief since every other time we have tried to get him to ride he would cry.
Tanner insisted that I ride a big ride with him and was able to get some money for my ticket from his dad.....and so I said 'why not?' I used to LOVE rides!
I am a little bit more of a chicken than I was as a kid....I screamed like a little school girl (and it wasn't even that big of a ride!)
I refused when he wanted to ride the scrambler however because I get queasy when I get spun around and around.
I love small county fairs. We didn't have to wait in extremely long lines (most the time we didn't have to face lines at all). Madi and Ty were even able to ride some rides all by themselves..which is a GOOD thing when you are 2 and 5!
Hope you're all having a 'moo-velous' summer!

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