Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day 167

Lately, I have talked a lot about the website 'pinterest' on here.

It has given me a plethora of amazing ideas to pin and try out later.

But it is also helping me realize something else...

Childhood is fleeting.

My kids aren't going to be little like this much longer, in fact, I already feel little bits and pieces of this precious time together slipping away from me.

That is why moments like this one are priceless.
She really wanted to 'camp out' in the living room tonight and so I said 'sure, why not?'

Decked out in her tinkerbell tent along with her pillow and blankie (and an old crib mattress that we have yet to get rid of), she is all set for her night of 'camping'.

I love her and those silly brothers of hers more than anything.

I hope all three of them look back on their childhoods fondly, and remember the little moments like these!

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