Monday, September 26, 2011

Day 228

I am so far behind on blog posts {again!}, and I am feeling bad about it!

Once I get behind, it is so hard to try and catch up!

This is why I am going to just start from today and go from there....and hopefully finish my year in February 2012 sometime!

For all of you faithful readers out there who I don't know, or see in person too often, I think I should let you know that my wild and crazy life became a little bit more crazy this fall.

I started working at school again as an Intervention Teacher (K-6) and I couldn't be more excited about the position!

I get to be at school while my two oldest are there (it has always been a dream of mine to be at school while my kids are!).

With this awesome new job, I have had considerably less time to take photos for fun, of our everyday life.

It seems that when I do have a free minute, I am working on housework, or photography business stuff, or playing with kids, or about a million other responsibilities and my poor blog has fallen by the wayside again.

So, I apologize to you, all of you for not keeping up with this crazy project of mine!

I will try to do better!

Tonight's photo was taken in our backyard after Ty had spent a long day combining soybeans with his dad.

He was filthy, tired, and a tad bit grouchy.

When he saw his kitty cat, however, all of that seemed to go away.

He laid down on the grass and cuddled nice and close to the cat and proceeded to tell her all about his busy day.

I melted when he used his soft and gentle voice and told the kitty that he missed her and loved her.

It was so sweet, and allowed me a glimpse at the man that he will someday grow up to be.


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