Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Day 289

Another elf on the shelf post....

 This Christmas season is so much fun, I only wish I would have started this tradition sooner!

 All five of us are enjoying every second of it, Travis included.

 This morning, he picked elf up in front of the kids (he wanted m & m's and had forgotten the golden rule of not touching the elf.)

 Needless to say, he had to deal with three very shocked and upset kids.

 He didn't miss a beat and 'looked up a solution to get elf's magic back online'.

 The kids completely bought into the story he came up.

 We only had to shut all the lights off in the house and turn them back on three times really fast, wait 12 hours and the elf will have his magic back.

 Here's hoping (wink, wink) that he's right!

 Our elf got into some candy last night...looks like he enjoyed it! DSC_1393 DSC_1386

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