Friday, December 16, 2011

Day 297

So, I shouldn't even be posting these photos, but it is pretty funny.

And it is a good thing to laugh at one's self sometimes, right?

Mr. Zack Elf got me back for the all the shenanigans that I have been doing the past couple of weeks around our house.

I fell asleep on the couch and was out for the count when our elf (or, ahem, a certain big guy at our house), decided it would be great fun to stamp my name on my forehead.

Sigh, I suppose that I deserve it.

I was out cold, and don't remember a thing but the elf also decided that it would be great fun to take a photo of me so we could always remember the trick he played on me.

Here is the photo....

DSC_3229 This blog is supposed to be about my life, so I am posting this...can't believe that I am!

 The following photos are how the kids found the elf the next morning... DSC_3231 That sneaky little stinker! DSC_3233

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