Monday, February 20, 2012

Day 24. 2012.

The world lost a wonderful woman yesterday.

Our family lost someone very special who...

made us smile,

always had a warm hug to share,

was quick to brag about all of us to everyone she knew,

created amazing cookies and flatbread (along with many other things),

had some of the best sayings like: 'that's the limit'

had such a zest for life and love of food that she would say 'this is the best (insert particular food she was eating) I have ever had'...even though she had yet to try any of it.

Grandma Betty was loved so much and will be missed dearly by all of us whose lives she touched.

I, in particular, am going to miss visiting her at her apartment.

She would always greet the kids and I at the door with a smile and a hug, and treated me like I was her granddaughter, even though she was Travis' grandma.

I am sure that she is rejoicing now, reunited with all of the loved ones she had lost over the years.

We love you Grandma Betty.

Rest in peace.

34121_1443211233072_1016822501_2983860_223899_n 34121_1443211273073_1016822501_2983861_2599305_n 232323232fp53652>nu=325->4;3>897>WSNRCG=323-69-28-46<nu0mrj This was taken a year ago at her 85th birthday, with all of her great-grandchildren. 181972_1742377712047_1016822501_3640052_917694_n DSC_0759 They were checking out the blog in this photo, she was so full of life (taken in August of last year), DSC_0778


  1. Thank you for sharing those photos Mandy! Beautiful!

  2. Please accept our deepest sympathy and understanding. You have made a wonderful tribute to Travis' Mom, your kids Grandmom. I know you all will miss her very much.
    Sincerely, with love from, Joe and Anna