Saturday, January 18, 2014

A Basketball + Bathroom Story

Our family spends a lot of time in the gym during the winter watching basketball games and as of the past few years, playing too!

Last night, the five of us went out to eat and then went to a girls basketball game between two great teams.

At one point, the two littles were getting antsy and begged to go to the bathroom because they just had to go potty!

After a brief scuffle between Travis and I about whose turn it was to take them (neither one of us wanted to miss the game), I was the lucky one who got to go (that time anyway!).

And if I wouldn't have been the lucky one, I would have missed out on this BIG, albeit slightly inappropriate, memory that we got to make because of this unforgettable trip to the bathroom!

I realize that Ty is getting way too big for me to take him with me into the women's restroom, but I still get nervous letting him go into the men's room alone.

So, lucky for him, he got to tag along with me into the women's restroom last night.

We happened to follow one of the girls basketball teams into the restroom which left Ty and Madi both with some BIG eyes as they watched these animated high school girls gossip and giggle after their game.

When Ty finished up and came out, I realized that there were a couple of girls standing by the sink who were changing into different clothes.

I knew I was in for it when he and his sister both stared openly at the girls as I tried to rush them through the hand washing routine.

I just knew that my son, who normally has no trouble coming up with zingers in awkward situations, would soon open his mouth and comment about this situation we were in, and I sure as heck didn't want to stick around there to find out what would spew from his mouth!

We nearly made it too, he was drying his hands just as a couple of the girls passed him by and all of a sudden he proclaimed (very loudly)...."What stinks in here?!?"

Oh dear Lord, forgive me, but all I could do was turn the other way and try to stifle the laughter that was about to burst from me.

Of course, the girls had heard my little big mouth and immediately started laughing and telling all of their teammates what my un-filtered son had just said.

Needless to say, we got out of that bathroom as quick as lightning and I started laughing.

Ty and Madi couldn't quite figure out what I (or the girls) thought was so funny but it is a memory that I won't soon forget!

I think we are in for some BIGGER stories from this little wild man in the years to come!

And although the following photos have nothing to do with that story, they do tell the story of our budding little basketball players!

I have said it once and I will say it again, I LOVE living in a small town and watching my kids participate in activities like this!

And just to clear the air, these are not the girls basketball players that we saw last night, thank goodness!

My little baller...she really does like to play even though she would never admit it...because in her words, she is a gymnast! 

These two look like they could be trouble in a few years, don't they?!

I wanted to take one photo of these two and of course little Miss wouldn't cooperate because her big brother had to be in the photo!

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