Monday, January 6, 2014

Minnesota Crazy + Homemade Play-dough

This afternoon upon coming upstairs with yet another load of endless laundry, I happened upon a 'lovely' conversation between my two oldest that went something like this...
"Why is your leg on me?!"
"I am trying to watch my show!!"
"I know, but why does your stupid, dumb leg have to be all over me to watch a stupid. dumb show?!"
You could slice the tension with a knife it was so thick!
We were literally climbing the walls of our house today, the lovely home where we had been cooped up inside for the past 72 + hours due to the extremely cold temperatures.
I knew we needed to do something drastic or we would all be at each others throats in a matter of minutes.
Thankfully one of my facebook friends had reminded me (SAVED me would be a more accurate phrase) of this awesome time-busting, creative activity that we haven't done in years (yes, years...I am ashamed to admit!)
Today I am extremely grateful for this little piece of heaven otherwise known as....

and all the creativity and hours of non-fighting it brought me!

I went a little overboard and made 6 different colors...but I'm telling you desperate times called for desperate measures!

There were smiles all around!

And I am proud to add, not one more use of those not so friendly, 'stupid' or 'dumb' words from before!

The kids and I had lots of giggles creating 'Hilda'....

And making her do all sorts of silly poses.

No judgement here people, we have been going stir crazy for days!!

Hilda was pretty hilarious!

She even knew how to do the splits! hehe

Look, no hair!

The little gymnast is missing her bars..

I am extremely excited to go back to work tomorrow and am thinking that the hubby and I need to re-evaluate our decision to raise a family in this crazy state!

You betcha' it's COLD!

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