Sunday, January 12, 2014

Making the most of t.o.d.a.y.

Every once in awhile a day comes along when you look to the heavens and thank God for living in such an amazing place.
Let me tell you people, that day was not last Sunday...but for me, it happened to be this one.
I posted on the blog last Sunday about going completely stir crazy (and I was) because the kids and I were stuck literally inside all weekend.
Today happened to be one of those winter days when I am truly happy to live in this crazy state, and we were able to enjoy the wonderful temperatures!
These moments and days are passing us by and we are trying to make the most of them!



 And I consider myself so lucky to have a budding photographer who lives in our house and happens to be seven years old.

She was rocking the 50mm 1.4 in these two shots of Ty and I!

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