Tuesday, June 3, 2014

2014. The Summer of ANIMALS

Upon hearing Miss Madi's stories about all the animals she had found on the farm so far this summer, a friend of mine suggested at lunch today that Madi should write a book about her summer experiences.

I smiled and shrugged the suggestion off. 

It was a great idea of course, but not one that could happen anytime soon since we are so busy with summer activities.

After this evenings events, I am currently reevaluating that decision and think that maybe she should write that book after all!

Tonight when I saw my girl sprinting to the house in the middle of feeding her calf I figured there was some sort of new drama that I would have to attend to.

When I heard her desperate cries of "MOM! COME QUICKLY!", I knew that this wasn't going to be a small, drama filled moment. 

Her little face was squished up in complete anguish as I asked her, "what's up?" 

You could tell immediately that she didn't care for my nonchalance. 

"Mom!! You have to HELP me, NOW!" 

This is what my girl had discovered in her calf's hutch on this lovely evening....

And seriously, she expected her city girl mama to crawl right into that calf's hutch and rescue these adorable babies before said calf could crush them like he did the mama...(as a side note, we are not sure what happened to the mama but she was laying on the straw by the babies clearly no longer of this world.)

We have quite the drama going on at our house this evening.

Little miss is praying hard for these poor babies to make it through the night and she is currently begging her dad and I to take them to the vet in the morning to see if anything can be done.

I see a future involving animals in this girls life...no doubt about that!

I'll keep you posted on the plight of these poor, adorable little babies, but for now will leave you with the words of Ty...

"We are animal rescuers at our house!"

Clearly there is no fretting about these sweeties on his part...he is all sorts of excited!

She, on the other hand, is so heartbroken about these babies...the poor girl wants to rescue ALL animals!

The look on her face breaks my heart.

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