Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A Window to Our World

Although so far this summer we have been insanely busy running from one activity to the next, we are still finding lots of time to make memories!

Here is a small window into our world...

And for those of you who have been following the blog lately I wanted to update you on our bunny situation...

Sadly, two of the five babies passed away this evening.

We are sad, but all of us agree that the babies are better off being with Jesus in Heaven than suffering here on earth.

This afternoon we had all 5 of them drinking milk out of a syringe and we thought they might just have a chance at making it...we are pretty torn as to what to do with the 3 that remain.

For now, they seem fine and healthy and all 3 even took some more milk this evening, but after watching the other two succumb so suddenly it's hard to be hopeful.

As I have told the kids (mainly my little animal lover), all we can do now is pray and have faith that we are doing what God would want us to.

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