Monday, June 2, 2014

Summer of Sports...Part 1

Little miss found a new love today...

Thanks to my good friend Heidi (who also happens to be PR's amazing head volleyball coach), Madi has already fallen in love with a new sport! 

After her first day of camp she begged me to get her her very own volleyball.

I couldn't resist, this is the first time she has shown serious interest in a 'ball' sport (I think she is reluctant to fall in love with basketball because her big brother is a bit intimidating).

Thanks to her dad she now has a net to practice on along with her new ball. 

We all had fun playing tonight! 

Of course, she had to incorporate her first love into our practice session....this was the first time I have seen a volleyball player doing cartwheels and hand stands in between serves! 

Summer gymnastics started tonight too...bring on the summer madness (I was busy playing 'chauffeur' all day today!)

We have a busy summer ahead of us ...hence the title of this post, I am anticipating a few more posts about sports!

Welcome to our world, it's crazy busy but I wouldn't have it any other way! 

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