Sunday, June 1, 2014

Raising Animal Lovers

Madi coaxed me out to the shop this afternoon and said I just had to come and see what they found...

Sitting on top of our sprayer was a nest with three baby robins.

Those busy farm guys at our house were trying to get the sprayer up and ready to go for the year so the babies and the nest had to go.

Our little animal lover, Madi, insisted that they be careful and that she would help care for the babies until we could find their mama.

I was enlisted to help with 'worm duty' and we spent quite awhile digging up a snack in the garden this afternoon for the babies.

Coming to you live from our front porch this evening, I am happy to report that one of the babes has flown away and the mama (or at least I am guessing it is the mama since it has been hanging out in our yard next to the babies for about an hour now) is feeding the other two.

It's a pretty awesome site to witness!

After we discovered the adorable baby birds, we decided to let them have a rest and we introduced a couple of our baby kitties to the outside world.

I can barely handle the cuteness that is Max and Spuddy and their adorable co-parents, my kiddos...little Mickey (the other kitten couldn't be persuaded to leave his mama so we left him in the shop).

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