Sunday, June 28, 2015

Adventures at the Barn

While their big brother stayed home to do the calf chores around our place, the two littles and I ventured to the barn with their dad. 

They had a fun night playing with the calves while I snapped some photos. 

After a little while, Madi's friend Destiny came to find her and the kids spent the rest of the night playing with her and her little brother Cody. 

I don't think that I can get one decent (not silly) photo of the little guy these days, he is always messing around and being funny when the camera is out!

Finding caterpillars.

The little monkey found the silage pile and couldn't resist climbing all over it!

Madi was excited to meet Destiny's goat and now says she has to get one!

Our friends are Mexican and share some amazing food with us on a regular basis, they are so nice!

Tonight, they shared a special Mexican lollipop...

Can you tell what they thought of it by looking at their faces?!

I think my little Norwegian kids need to venture out a little more!

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