Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Dear Tyson,

I knew from this moment on that you were the child that was destined to give me more gray hair than the others ….

It wasn't such a big thing.

You had just decided that you were still very much hungry for applesauce

and your tired mama just happened to leave it out and on the table

without the lid,

when she left the room to attend to your big brother and sister.

It really wasn't your fault that you were still hungry and decided to stick your adorable little two year old fingers into the jar and swipe a handful.

That face of yours in the first photo just about does me in!

Back in those days, I used to keep my camera ready to go and within easy reach

so I, of course grabbed it upon walking in on this scene

knowing that it would be one of those moments that I just couldn't forget.

You look pretty sheepish, eh?

Of course, it didn't stop you from sticking your little mitts back into the jar and going for the gold all over again…

as evidenced by this series of photos.

I could go on and on with stories about how you make us all




roll our eyes,

bust a gut…

but I don't believe your mama has it in her to write for hours and hours on end!

I am so very thankful for all three of you,

but, you my dear, came around when I our family needed you most.

You made us smile

when we wanted to cry.

You made us laugh

when we wanted to yell.

You made us realize that there was so much more to this life than just existing. 

I relish this mischievous side of you.

This little boy who makes rubber bands sling shot across the room because it's so funny,

who shakes his head in disgust at his crazy family,

who wonders with wide eyed abandon,

whose smile is so big and so wide that everyone around you can't help but grin right back,

who loves beyond measure,

and pulls a fast one better than the very best prankster.

Thank you, little man, for showing all of us what living truly is.

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