Sunday, January 17, 2016

Welcome to LEGO LAND…AKA, our home!

Tyson has been begging to have a friend over nearly everyday lately and since we seem to be taxing the two big kids all around the countryside these days with him begrudgingly in tow, I was hard pressed to say no.

Thankfully his buddy (and our country 'neighbor') was free for the afternoon.

These two guys are both into lego and spent the afternoon building, creating, and playing.

Ty, of course, had the brilliant idea to bring their fun out to the living room where he claimed, 'there was so much more space to build.'

This is the mess…ahem, fun they had all over the rug…yikes.

Anyone want to come over and help clean?

Pretty please?!

I love that he builds so many things now from his imagination instead of just from the instructions.

He isn't too thrilled that he has to pick them all up!

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