Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 146

All five of us got to hang out together for a bit this evening.

Our beautiful night started with a bike ride.

Can you tell who was the most excited about riding his bike??
The kids decided they wanted to race down this big hill.

And since I am such a nice mom (ok, so I had to add that, I haven't been feeling at all nice lately with all the fights I have had to break up), I let them.
As I made my way to the bottom of the hill to save my crying two year old from his {mean} brother and sister, (and those are his words by the way..spoken after they left him in the dust) I looked up,
and this is what I saw..
Complete beauty, I love living here.
The little guy stopped screaming for all of 2 seconds to take in the breathtaking sight.
And right before it disappeared, I snapped this one...I couldn't resist.
This, my friends, is the amazingly yummy sun that produced our beautiful double rainbow...
All is well, I can die a happy photographer.

I was able to capture nature at its finest.

Nothing could wipe this smile from my face!

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