Saturday, August 18, 2012

Day 68. 2012.

My two littles were so excited when we got to watch their cousin, Graham, this morning that they were up at the crack of dawn waiting very impatiently for him to come.

So, by the time he got to our house they were all smiles and showed him lots of their toys and tried to teach him some new songs and games.

I am pretty sure he was all tired out after a couple of hours trying to chase his big cousins around!

DSC_4708 Isn't he a little honey bun?! DSC_4690 DSC_4688 DSC_4686 Tyson was playing peek a boo, but I think Graham was more interested in my camera! DSC_4681 DSC_4685 DSC_4713 DSC_4747

And I couldn't resist this shot, after he puked on his shirt I was pretty excited to see this shirt in his bag...


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