Wednesday, March 30, 2016

A few of my faves..

I realize that I'm extremely fortunate…

When my 35th birthday came and went last weekend, my highlight was getting the new camera lens that I ordered (won, actually, on ebay).

I spent the milestone snapping away and capturing some moments that make me truly appreciate my life.

It's a crazy busy, messy, beautiful, scary, ect., life and I am grateful that I get the chance to capture it on camera!

Here are a few of my favorites from our Easter break…

this little guy wants to marry his favorite cousin Madi.

We've tried to tell him that this isn't an acceptable thing in the U.S., but little man absolutely adores her and always wants to know where his Madi is!

And me, I am just there to capture moments like these…

Be still my heart.

 Mr. Personality

Love these five little people and wish like hell that my dad could be around to get to know all of them.

Pretty much sums up my two guys…one hates the spot light, the other gravitates toward it and embraces it! Can you tell which one is which?

The perfect family photo op, right?

Aunties little cuties!

We took some time to visit Grandma Maxine…love her and really miss visiting her on the farm. I wish my kids could see that side of her!

"Nope, Madi! It's your brothers turn to get an egg…stay here!"

I absolutely LOVE these family outtakes!

They are so much better than the 'posed' shots!

He couldn't find his last egg and was getting a wee bit frustrated…I just sat back and laughed (can you see the orange egg in the background? It took him about 5 minutes to find!)

Grandma Pam with her grandkids..

Love this shot of the two of them!

Madi took her babies, Millie, Billie, and Lily out in the beautiful weather this weekend.

Grandma T. with her 5 grandkids…I think our kids are looking pretty old these days!

The 3 Tollerud boys…this photo pretty much sums up their personalities (at least with my two!)

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