Saturday, March 5, 2016

Putting the T in team

Life is best shared with someone.

Or, at least, this is my belief.

This morning, our 5th grade boys proved to us that yet again …

"you don't inspire your teammates by showing them how amazing you are….

you inspire them by showing them how amazing they are."

For our family, it has been a long winter spent in the gym, I'm not gonna lie.

Although I am honestlyloving this opportunity that I get to watch my kids compete and have fun, I am also ready for it to be done... for now.

I think it's time to put away those stinky gym shoes for the year and celebrate the success and fun that has been had this season.

But of course, this isn't up to me.

We still have two more tournaments to go.

Today, when the boys heard that they would have two weeks off of practice I heard more groans and proclamations of 'how come?!'... than I did cheering.

I guess, unlike this mama, they want to keep their fun going.

But when I think back on this season of success, growth, fun, and most of all teamwork I guess I can't blame the boys for their feelings.

They've created a pretty amazing cammraderie of players and coaches and parents and fans and we've all sort of become this basketball  family as cheesy as it sounds.

I will miss this when it's done.

Thank you, boys, for giving all of us this opportunity to come together.

It's been one a hell of a ride, you make me excited for the future!

They took 1st place in Wadena against 3 teams they have never played before.

They had us a little (ok, for me, it was more than a little) worried during their last game when they went into the half down by 5 (this really doesn't happen with this crew)… but they came back to clinch the win 28-24.

Way to go Vikings!!

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