Thursday, October 13, 2011

Day 245

Welcome to my corner of the world, my classroom.

I have wanted to share these photos for awhile, but I am not quite done in my room and was kind of waiting until I could take photos of the whole space.

I am beginning to realize that I may not ever be 'all done' in the room, I think there will always be projects to create and new things to add.

First off, the 'twitter' board.
My students love it! So far, we have only 'tweeted' about books we have read, but I am looking forward to coming up with new ideas on what to 'tweet' about.

The new 'Boggle' board.
It is amazing to me that none of my students have heard of this game, and so far its been a hit with them!

It's been a great warm up activity to our small group time and gets them working with building words, which can be a challenge and a lot of fun!

I already showed a photo of this a couple of months ago...
and I had to add it to this blog post because this has been one of my students favorite things.

Everyday, they come into the room wondering which of them will be the student 'who rocked' the day before.

I love it because it has been a great motivator for good behavior!

The next few photos were taken in the reading corner, which is still a work in progress..(there will be more 'cool' pillows, another chair, and a better bookshelf soon!)

It makes me happy and excited to come to work everyday, and hopefully keeps my students excited and happy to be there as well!

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