Monday, January 23, 2012

Day 11. 2012.

Take a look at some of the BIG events happening around our home lately.

The little man is now dressing himself.


And he thinks that his daddy builds the very best choo choo train tracks (which of course, he does...I am not the type to think of building a massive ramp off of the dining room table!)DSC_4175

And judging by some of the competetive moments I have witnessed lately, I do believe that I have a future in watching some pretty intense sporting events.

DSC_4188 When Madi was getting frustrated because her big brother kept blocking all of her shots, Tanner had to remind her that he was helping her become a better player because he is so good...(haha, he doesn't seem to be lacking in the confidence department does he?!) DSC_4184

Making cookies with my girl proved to be a hit, although she wasn't such a fan of the ooey, gooey egg! DSC_0018
I have to give her props though, for not running when I started the mixer, she conquered her fear and actually used it for the first time! DSC_0030 And licking the doughy spoon has got to be the very BEST part! DSC_0059 Tyson likes to tell me lately when I am being a naughty mama or a nice mama.

When he holds my hand I am apparently a nice mama.

I have to treasure these moments while I can because he is three years old now and is testing me a lot!DSC_3999

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