Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day 7. 2012.

Tonight we took some serious advantage of this amazingly beautiful January weather and did some fun activities outside.

After a couple of failed science experiments yesterday, we decided to try the same two experiments one more time.

I have to say the second go around was MUCH better!

This first one was titled 'balloon on a bottle' and with more vinegar and a little extra baking soda (in the balloon), the balloon inflated all on it's own. DSC_3971 DSC_3968 And my little model was ready and willing to share this next experiment with you... DSC_3979 This one included a sandwich bag, a paper towel, baking soda, and vinegar...seriously, those two kitchen ingredients could keep us entertained for hours!

First we put 3/4 c. vinegar and 1/4 c. warm water in the baggie.

Then, we put 1/3 cup of b. soda in the paper towel and folded it up.

After that, we took the whole project outside and placed the paper towel inside the baggie and very carefully zipped the baggie back up without letting the towel touch the vinegar.

When we were ready, we dropped the whole thing to the ground and this is what happened... DSC_3982
And in Tanner's words, 'it BLEW up'! DSC_3990 Another fun project brought to you by none other than pinterest!

Honestly, I acknowledge that this website is a HUGE time sucker but it has also helped me be a BETTER mom by giving me brilliant ideas of things to do with my kids!

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