Monday, January 30, 2012

Day 15. 2012.

Although I don't want to brag and lose this streak of amazing weather that we have had this winter, I can't help but smile at the beautiful week that is coming!

Madi and Ty each had a friend over to play today and the kids had so much fun together!

Ellie and Jack are about the same ages as they are and all four got along so well!

They spent a good portion of the day playing outside and building this tie-dyed snow man.

I have wanted to try this idea for a long time and thanks to Miss Madi, we remembered to try it out.

This morning she got pretty mad at me when I told her that she couldn't spray paint (I thought that she meant the real spray paint).

Turns out, she had this idea in the back of her girl! DSC_4388

DSC_4417 There were some troubles when one of them would accidentally spray the other...but they soon figured out that they shouldn't stand quite so close to one another. DSC_4425
They even got to sled a little bit. DSC_4439 DSC_4440 DSC_4445 DSC_4447 Little daredevil Madi had to slide backward. DSC_4451 DSC_4455 DSC_4458 If every winter could be like this, I would never complain about living in Minnesota! DSC_4461

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