Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day 198

Playing barbie dolls with my daughter tonight proved to be much more fun that I thought it would be.

You see, I got to play with my 'favorite' Kelly doll (pathetic that I have a favorite doll at the age of {ahem}, 30? Maybe, but I was pretty pumped when she said that I could use her!)

Since my girl is totally obsessed with anything that has to do with horses lately, it seemed only natural that Barbie and Kelly should move into the dollhouse that contains a room only for their horses....everyone should be so lucky to live with horses in the next room, don't you think?!

I thought it would be great fun to take the dolls for a horsie ride.

Everything was going great until my lovely little Kelly was literally thrown from her pony.

Madi looked at me, and I looked at her and we both burst into laughter.

Suddenly there was nothing better than seeing this little doll thrown from her horse.

We were rolling!

We tried it again and again, and she never let us down (except when I wanted to capture the moment on camera, then she decided she didn't want to cooperate anymore, typical!)

I forgot how much I love to make my kids laugh.

I hope I remember this moment, and try to make my kids smile the way that my girl was smiling at me tonight!


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