Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day 217

Wheat harvest is nearly finished, and fall is right around the corner.

The kids and I went back to school shopping and it was bittersweet.

I am excited to get back into a routine but sad that I have two kids who are going to be gone all day at school.

I have been finding myself saying this a lot lately, but where did the time go?!

So, until these last precious weeks come to a close, I am going to be documenting what is left of our summer!

We brought Travis supper in the field and stopped to play for a little bit.

Tyson was pretty happy he brought his combine with!
For him, there is nothing more fun than playing on an empty trailer.
Pure J.O.Y.!
Tanner and Madi were busy climbing straw bales and jumping off them.
And, YES, she is BAREFOOT!

She forgot her shoes and when I told her that she had to wait in the van, she had none of it.

The stubborn-ness in her puffed out her little chest and said very matter of factly, 'It doesn't hurt!'
And then the boys got into a little rumble when they found some old corn stalks to throw at each other.
Travis spent a lot of time fixing our old baler (he has had it since college and it has baled some 90,000 bales...CRAZY!)
Hope you're having a happy end of summer like we are!

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