Sunday, August 14, 2011

Day 209

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to!
The poor guy got a little freaked out when everyone started staring at him and serenading him with the birthday song.

Luckily, he got over it when it was time to open presents.
The big kids had more fun with Tyson's new blocks than he did...who knew building with blocks could be so awesome!?

It was such a beautiful day, and we were so blessed that all three of these lovely ladies were able to join us.

They even got a tour of the studio, there was no way I was letting them get out there without a photo!
(from left, my grandma Betty B, my other grandma Maxine, and Trav's grandma Betty)

Travis and his grandma took a short walk around our farm.
And right before everyone left, I attempted to take an updated photo for my mom of all the grandkids...the little guy was having none of it!

I can't believe that my little guy will be 3 in just a few short hours!

Tomorrow's post will be dedicated to him..sigh...he is my baby, and is growing out of that role way too quickly for this mama!

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