Thursday, August 11, 2011

Day 206

Dear dad,

I miss you.

Today was a tough one.

All day, you were in my thoughts as I went about my daily routine.

I can't believe that it has been four years since I have heard your voice, seen you smile, or felt the warm embrace of your hug as you wrapped those big arms around me.

I love you.

The kids and I made the trek to Hawley to visit your resting place this afternoon and on the way, we stopped and got some new flowers for you.
These kids of mine made me so proud, as they quietly arranged the beautiful bouquets that they picked out just for you in the vases around your headstone.
They are a lot bigger since the last time that you saw them, and love to hear stories about you.

As we sat there and talked, I became more sad and was close to tears when the dark, cloudy sky suddenly parted and the sun shone down on us.
I believe with all my heart that you were sending me a message from heaven.

Thanks for wrapping your 'arms' around me today, dad.

I love you and know that we will be together again someday.

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